samsung A series models ( price list)

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a series a10e—-$150,


a12— $190,

a20— $180,

a21— $195,

a32— $250,

a71— $285


Grade A condition:   . (9/10 new)





Fifth generation – Samsung Galaxy A (2019 series) 

Samsung introduced the 2019 Galaxy A Series in February 2019, alongside the online-exclusive Galaxy M Series. Unlike all the previous models, the lineup shifts to the new two-digit nomenclature first introduced in the Galaxy S10. It retains the higher-end features previously introduced in the Galaxy A 2018 series with several improvements, alongside a “waterdrop” notch display (also debuted in the Galaxy M series), higher battery capacity, newer SoCs, and higher memory capacity. The video stabilization feature returned after it was removed from the Galaxy A 2017 series, but IP67 rating was removed on the higher models.[9] This lineup, except the A2 Core, features One UI user interface, in accordance to the S10 series. The series comprises the most numerous models of the Galaxy A series, with eighteen models – Galaxy A2 Core, Galaxy A10e, Galaxy A10, Galaxy A10s, Galaxy A20Galaxy A20sGalaxy A30,[10] Galaxy A30s, Galaxy A40Galaxy A40sGalaxy A50, Galaxy A50s, Galaxy A60Galaxy A70, Galaxy A70s, Galaxy A80 and Galaxy A90.

Sixth generation – Samsung Galaxy A (2020 series) 

Samsung introduced the 2020 Galaxy A series a few months after the release of mid-generation refresh of the 2019 series (those with the “s” suffix). The series brought new features such as geometric design, newer and faster SoCs (compared to their predecessor), hole-punch display (on some devices) & increased RAM and storage options. The series comprises eleven models – Galaxy A01 Core, Galaxy A01,[11] Galaxy A11Galaxy A21Galaxy A21sGalaxy A31Galaxy A41Galaxy A51Galaxy A71,[12] Galaxy A51 5G, and Galaxy A71 5G. The Galaxy A01 Core was the second ultra-budget model within the Galaxy A series, the first being 2019’s Galaxy A2 Core.

Seventh generation – Samsung Galaxy A (2021 series) 

Samsung introduced the 2021 Galaxy A series in September 2020. The series has increased RAM and storage options, various camera upgrades, optical image stabilization on higher-end models, and 5G on a wider range of models, with some featuring larger screens than the LTE counterparts. It also shifts away from Exynos SoCs in favor of Qualcomm and MediaTek, as Exynos SoCs are now focused only on flagship models. IP67 rating returned for the higher-end models after being absent in two previous generations.

The series currently comprises twelve models – Galaxy A02Galaxy A02sGalaxy A12Galaxy A22Galaxy A22 5GGalaxy A32Galaxy A32 5GGalaxy A42 5GGalaxy A52Galaxy A52 5G, Galaxy A52s 5G, and Galaxy A72.

Eighth generation – Samsung Galaxy A (2022 series) 

Samsung introduced the 2022 Galaxy A series in August 2021. The series introduced larger screens (on both LTE and 5G versions compared to the previous generation which was only reserved for 5G versions), various camera upgrades, and the return of the peach device color option after it was absent in two previous generations.

The series currently consists of nine models or possibly more depending of the country or region. – Galaxy A03 CoreGalaxy A03Galaxy A03sGalaxy A13 , Galaxy A13 (5G), Galaxy A23 , Galaxy A33 (5G) , Galaxy A53 (5G) , Galaxy A73 (5G)

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a series

a10e—-$150, a11–$170, a12— $190, a20— $180, a21— $195, a32— $250, a52— $310, a71— $285